Auto Dealerships

From service bays to showrooms and from specialized floor care to windows, Oncort can meet the needs of any automobile dealership. We want your customers to focus on the well-oiled machine they should drive away in instead of the oil-smudged window they gaze through as they wait for you to bring their vehicle to the front.

Services specific to your industry:

Show Room

  • Clean interior windows leading outside
  • Vacuum and spot clean rugs
  • Dust front entrance signage stands
  • Clean and disinfect all drinking fountains

General Office Areas/Parts Department

  • Thoroughly hand dust and wipe file cabinets, shelves, fixtures, etc.
  • Vacuum or brush all upholstered furniture
  • Dust all baseboards with damp cloth


  • Clean all tiled flooring with disinfectants
  • Clean mirrors, countertops and edges
  • Restock all paper and soap supplies
  • Wet mop floors with disinfectant

Kitchens/Break rooms

  • Damp mop and disinfect hard flooring
  • Wipe the exterior of refrigerators
  • Wipe exterior of dishwasher
  • Disinfect interior and exterior of microwave
  • Clean countertop and cabinets

In addition to the services listed above, Oncort also provides additional services to meet your needs. Click here to schedule your “5-Star” Consultation where more customizable solutions can be discussed.


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How We Can Serve Your Industry Needs
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