Your attention to detail should be focused around the food you are serving. Our attention to detail will ensure those that you are serving feel right at home. Oncort wants to increase your bottom line by making certain that your entrance, your restrooms, even your floors meet the toughest customer’s expectations. Let us help you make sure they come back for more.

Services specific to your industry:

Front Entrance Lobby/Hostess Stand

  • Clean hostess stand and shelves
  • Clean interior windows leading outside
  • Vacuum and/or damp mop hard surfaces
  • Wipe down all chairs in lobby area

Dining Area

  • Vacuum and spot remove carpeted area
  • Disinfect tables and vinyl chairs
  • Dust all vertical memorabilia


  • Clean all tiled flooring with disinfectants
  • Clean mirror, counter top and edges
  • Restock all paper and soap supplies
  • Wet mop floors with disinfectant


  • Damp mop and disinfect hard flooring
  • Wipe the exterior of refrigerators
  • Wipe exterior of dishwasher
  • Disinfect interior and exterior of microwave
  • Clean countertop and cabinets

In addition to the services listed above, Oncort also provides additional services to meet your needs. Click here to schedule your “5-Star” Consultation where more customizable solutions can be discussed.


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