Places of Worship

Oncort does more than just empty trash cans and clean toilets. From the receptionist office to dusting each pew, Oncort is committed to making your environment pleasant not only for worship but also for work.

Services specific to your industry:
Sanctuary/Worship Center

  • Clean pews as needed
  • Vacuum and spot clean carpeted area
  • Dust and clean pulpit and chairs
  • Polish and clean choir loft

Fellowship Hall/Meeting Room/Conference Room/Multi-Purpose Room

  • Damp mop or vacuum high traffic areas
  • Dust all hanging objects affixed to wall
  • Erase and clean all blackboards and whiteboards (as directed)


  • Clean all tiled flooring with disinfectants
  • Clean mirrors, countertops and edges
  • Restock all paper and soap supplies.
  • Wet mop floors with disinfectant

Ministerial Staff/General Office Space

  • Dust office desk, shelves and file cabinets
  • Vacuum carpeted area
  • Clean all heavily spotted glasses and mirrors
  • Damp dust chairs and office tables


  • Sweep and damp mop hard surfaces
  • Disinfect tables and chairs
  • Clean black or white boards

In addition to the services listed above, Oncort also provides additional services to meet your needs. Click here to schedule your “5-Star” Consultation where more customizable solutions can be discussed.


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