Medical Facilities

When entering an emergency room, medical clinic or a private doctor’s office, many times there is already a sense of hesitation and uneasiness. Making each patient feel as comfortable as possible has to be a top priority. Allow Oncort to ease both your mind and the mind of those you serve. Medical facilities are our specialty. Not only do we concentrate on floors, bathrooms and waiting areas, we provide the most detailed attention to door handles, countertops and those places that may never be seen by the eye of a patient, but still require sanitizing.

Services specific to your industry:
Exam Rooms

  • Disinfect all counter tops, waste baskets and bio-hazard receptacles
  • Damp mop floor with hospital disinfectant
  • Dust all pictures and vertical objects


  • Disinfect all basins, toilets, and railings
  • Wipe and disinfect walls and partitions
  • Stock all hand fluids and paper products

Medical Professionals’ Offices

  • Dust office desk, shelves and file cabinets
  • Vacuum carpeted area
  • Clean all heavily spotted glasses and mirrors
  • Damp dust chairs and office tables

In addition to the services listed above, Oncort also provides additional services to meet your needs. Click here to schedule your “5-Star” Consultation where more customizable solutions can be discussed.


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